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Perry Calvin (1924 - 1976)

Excerpts from The Salem News, July 15, 1986

Posted November 4, 2015

Perry Calvin was a serious painter until he received a request from John Cabas, Salem High School basketball coach from 1950 to 1973, to draw a caricature of the Quaker man.   A Quaker man and woman have symbolized Salem Schools since the 1920's and 1930's.  Jim Jackson, a press operator at The Salem News, recommended Perry Calvin to Coach Cabas.  "I had to do something to change the image of a boy's team with a woman for an emblem"...


Detroit - Mullins Connection

A bit of investigative reporting

Posted 7/28/2015

Salem Historical Society is privileged to have interns show up on our doorstep from time to time to gain hands-on experience and accumulate hours as credit for their studies.  This summer, one of our interns, Niki Slaven, a history major at Kent State University, has delved into researching pictures from The S.H. Mullins Co of Salem...


A visit with historians from McKinley Presidential Library and Museum

Posted 6/16/2014

Mark Holland and Tom Haas of the McKinley Presidential Library and Museum paid us a visit May 28 for a collaboration session.  We shared experiences and museum practices......


Booker T. Washington Thanks Salem

Posted 5/13/2014 - includes an excerpt from"More of the Salem Story" by Dale E. Shaffer, 1992"

A picture was recently scanned into our archives that reminded us just how rich a history we have here in Salem, Ohio.  The picture in this blog shows Booker T. Washington arriving at the home of Louis N. Brush for a Salem News Luncheon June 22, 1906, before he spoke under a large tent on the front lawn of the Columbia Street School.

Also included is an excerpt from Dale Shaffer that includes the letter of thanks from Booker T. Washington......


A Letter From Dixie

Posted 4/28/2014

Last week we uncovered a original letter in the author's beautiful calligraphy handwriting on tablet paper.  There is no date and no name other than "Dixie" in the title.  But this letter, which is really a poem, seems to be written sometime after the civil war when segregation was still strong.  It is heart-warming and gives an insight into the minds of the Negroes in the south........