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New Books by Salem Authors

* In Time for Christmas Giving *

Speakeasy by Karen Biery, Mystery Novel ($15.95) 

As Prohibition neared its end, Anna Lyla Timmons flaunted her red hair, lifestyle and business practices in Salem, Ohio.  With the whispering of her name, many adversaries entered her speakeasy while others schemed against her.  Lyla, a self-made reliant woman in her forties, dismissed their hatred as child’s play until one evening those whom she most trusted defied her – changing all of their lives forever. 


Wisdom From the Woods, Seasons by Sheila M. Bachmeier
Illustrated by Kristina J. Danklef, Children's Book  ($16.95)

Life lessons presented through the voice of nature have a  profound impact when we listen with the heart. What at first may seem like a simple reminder of all our childhood experiences... soon becomes a deeply enriching experience of learning through Seasons of life. The first in the Tree Wisdom Books series, this book is a gift that both children and adults will cherish reading over and over again.


Boomer Smarts Boomer Power by Mitzi Beach.  ($12.99)

Six steps to living your best for the rest of your life

In this book, Mitzi Beach gives a voice to the most powerful generation that's ever lived in America.  Just as this generation shaped America as teenagers, as young adults, and as middle-aged parents, Mitzi believes that we can shape America once again.  As the Boomers shift into retirement, they once again must find their POWER as a group and create change in our society by using our SMARTS.

Mitzi is a 1964 graduate of Salem High School and now lives in Wichita, Kansas.  Her books in our gift shop have been autographed.


Love Those Quakers  by David C. Hunter ($18.00)

The Road to Columbus

A member of that team, David tells about Salem’s unique journey to the Ohio High School State Basketball Championship Game in 1958-59 season to keep alive the wonderful story of that remarkable team and its coach, John Cabas.

Still Quaker Crazy  by David C. Hunger ($14.00)

Columbus Lost

Salem's star-crossed high school basketball season, 1959-1960. This second memoir (much shorter by design) picks up the Love Those Quakers craziness that carried over to the 1959–60 team, his senior year. The author’s aim is to shine a light on this star-crossed Quaker team that, in his mind, deserves special praise and recognition.

Both books have been autographed.

Coming Soon.....

New Book from Salem Historical Society

With the approaching 115th anniversary of the building of Salem’s first automobile, the Salem Historical Society is announcing the publication of 

“My Carriage, The Story of Salem’s First Electric Automobile”

describing the work of the creator, Delamore “Del” Davis in 1900. After reviewing the journals of Mr. Davis, Donald Mathews, formerly of Salem now of Youngstown , documented the struggles and successes of “Del” Davis during his 18 month creation of his automobile until on July 31, 1900, he drove it into town for the first time.

Del Davis in the seat of his electric automobile during

the inaugural run into Salem on July 31, 1900

The story began in May 1899 when Del attended an electrical exposition which he knew would be a display of electrical carriages. He had a strong academic interest in this field, having a degree in electrical engineering from Cornell University; he was intrigued with the possibility of a ‘horseless carriage.” After seeing the display of these carriages, he was determined to become active at a personal level.

In his research, Don Mathews reviewed the journals of Del Davis which spanned 20 years where he wrote daily of ordinary events, summaries of his business (he was superintendent of the Salem Electric Railway), family activities, and of course his 18 month work on the automobile.  Del was also a photographer and took many pictures of his work and of the city, some of which are included in this 44-page booklet soon to be available at the Salem Historical Society gift shop.

Contact the Salem Historical Society for further information, 330-337-8514.

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