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A display of the some of the mounts on display at the Salem Historical Society

Ted Enders GALLERY OF WILDLIFE MOUNTS Exhibit Opens Sunday, July 20    

In addition to the many exhibits and displays available, a new exhibit opens this Sunday, July 20, at the Salem Historical Museum. Through the courtesy of the family, the "Ted Enders Gallery of Wildlife Mounts,” a private collection of over 48 animals,  will be displayed in the featured exhibit rooms through the end of the 2014 touring season. Full body, shoulder & head mounts are part of this “Hunter’s Collection."  Admittance to this natural history exhibit is at the 208 S. Broadway entrance. 

Mr. Enders, now deceased, collected his trophies from Colorado, Idaho, Georgia, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Alaska, Alberta-Canada, Tzaneen-Africa and his home state of Ohio. Sizes range from the large Alaskan Bull Moose to medium size Idaho Mountain Lion, to a smaller Salem, Ohio Ring-necked Pheasant. The smallest is a weasel with a frog as prey from creek on Georgetown Rd., Salem, Ohio. Through the years Mr. Enders hunted all of the gallery animals himself.

Visitors will be welcomed at the Museum located at 208 South Broadway Avenue for Sunday tours from 1:00 to 4:00p.m. There is an admission charge which gives opportunity to view the total museum consisting of four buildings.  Members are admitted free. 

For further information, call 330-337-8514.


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by Ellen J Herman and Thomas A Miller

The authors are from Pennsylvania, and both are founding members

of the Sandy and Beaver Canal Association.  While researching the canal,

they came across the tragic tale incorporated into this novel.

Based on a local legend surrounding Beaver Creek State Park in

East Liverpool, Ohio, "A Beckoning from the Past" runs an icy finger

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According to local lore, a canal engineer’s daughter, Gretchen Gill, died during construction and was buried in a crypt in one of the locks.

While exploring the abandoned and dilapidated old buildings, Miranda and John are sucked into the past, where they relive the events of 1834 and are exposed to danger, all while wondering if they will ever return to their own time to straighten out the convoluted and contradictory tale the tragic legend has become.

Suspenseful, romantic, and historically accurate, "A Beckoning from the Past" will pique your interest in
this local landmark.

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